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Ivy - 8/6/2019

Never alone when hes by your side

And again thanks for never making me feel as if I was alone and stabding right by my side when the judge read over my new charge... U made me feel alot better when u stood closer to me then how I was feeling before that moment...i acknowledged it and am very grateful for ur help...ur an awesome lawyer and I definetly will pass the word on

Tanisha - 6/3/2019

Phenomenal Attorney

I was accused because i was doing self defense because i was attacked first. But thank you to my lawyer Joseph Daniel McBride they dismissed my case because they was no prove. They also dismissed my case because i went well presentable to court.

Erika - 5/23/2019


I was facing two felonies (Grand Larceny and Identity Theft), and Joe McBride got both of my felonies dismissed, which I never thought was going to happen.
Joe knows all the judges, court officers, and people Manhattan DA’s office. He is really cool, and I am grateful that he was my lawyer. Thank you Joe!

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