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Legal Services

Highly personalized white glove legal services inside and outside of the courtroom.  Our brand of representation is intelligent, forward thinking, and relentless.   We have a variety of services customized to fit your specific needs. Learn more about what we offer below.

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Criminal Defense

You or someone you care for has been accused of a crime.  Decisions need to be made. 

Is the person in custody, in prison, or being pursued?  Does a bail package need to be

put together?  Are there immigration concerns?  Is this a state or federal court matter? 

What are the immediate issues that must be addressed?  What are the collateral issues? 

The list is endless.


What we can tell you is this.  You need an experienced, connected lawyer that will bring order to a chaotic situation.  You need answers, and a road map concerning what is to come. 

And you need a fearless advocate that is going to command respect from a system that is

ill-mannered, biased, and downright prejudice.  The experienced attorneys at the McBride Law Firm are battle tested, tried, true, and courageous.  From the moment we are retained,

the prosecutor will know that you are being aggressively represented by a law firm committed to ending the government’s intrusion into your life.


Criminal Defense

Criminal Appeals

Both the federal and state courts have avenues of appeal for civil and criminal cases. 

Appeals generally happen in a civil or criminal case after trial, or dismissal of a case.  Sometimes state matters can be appealed in federal court.  And sometimes a matter

cannot be appealed at all. Our team of attorneys will carefully review the entire record of your case to determine if any grounds exist to justify an appeal in your case.  In preparing your appeal, our lawyers will vigorously research, analyze, brief, and argue your case in court.

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