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Highly personalized white glove legal services inside and outside of the courtroom.  Our brand of representation is intelligent, forward thinking, and relentless.   We have a variety of services customized to fit your specific needs. Learn more about what we offer below.


Criminal Defense

You or someone you care for has been accused of a crime.  Decisions need to be made.  Is the person in custody, in prison, or being pursued?  Does a bail package need to be put together?  Are there immigration concerns?  Is this a state or federal court matter?  What are the immediate issues that must be addressed?  What are the collateral issues?  The list is endless…. What we can tell you is this.  You need an experienced, connected, lawyer that will bring order to a chaotic situation.  You need answers, and a road map concerning what is to come.  And you need a fearless advocate that is going to command respect from a system that is ill-mannered, biased, and downright prejudice.  The experienced attorneys at the McBride Law Firm are battle tested, tried, true, and courageous.  From the moment we are retained, the prosecutor will know that you are being aggressively represented by a law firm committed to ending the government’s intrusion into your life.


Representation for state and federal matters including but not limited to allegations of:



Domestic Violence


Drunk Driving DWI/DUI


Identity Theft

Manslaughter and Murder

Sexual Misconduct

White Collar Crime


Domestic Relations Law

No other area of the law is as personal as Domestic Relations / Family Law.  The McBride Law Firm’s attorneys bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to this arena.  We recognize that the consequences of a divorce, custody battle, child support, and/or the division of property are life changing.  Our holistic approach to domestic relations litigation seeks to create a safe space for your family, as we forcefully advocate for your best interests while remaining cognizant of the sensitive issues that accompany this area of the law, especially when children are involved. 


Representation for domestic relations matters including but not limited to:


Child Support



Equitable Distribution


Pre-Nuptial Agreements  



Wrongful Conviction Litigation

A wrongful conviction is a travesty of justice that takes place when an innocent person is arrested, convicted, and incarcerated for a crime they did not commit. A wrongfully convicted person’s civil rights and human rights are violated at the highest level.  The wrongfully convicted person suffers an unquantifiable amount of trauma and suffering at the hands of the government.  Because of this, they are never again the same. 


Kian Khatibi was wrongfully convicted in 1998, and sentenced to fourteen years of incarceration for a crime he did not commit.  Kian was exonerated in 2008, became a lawyer, sued New York State under Section 8-b of the Court of Claims Act for his unjust conviction and imprisonment, and recovered a multi-million-dollar verdict.  Kian then sued New York State in Federal court for violating his civil rights, and resolved that case under confidential terms. 


In 2006, Joseph McBride’s brother Anthony was wrongfully convicted, and sentenced to fifteen years of incarceration.  Joseph embarked on a ten-year-journey in the weeks that followed Anthony’s sentencing.  A journey that transformed him from a business savvy street kid, into a successful Manhattan lawyer committed toward making a difference.  Joseph’s experience includes representing incarcerated persons seeking access to post-conviction DNA testing with the Innocence Project, and wrongful conviction / FOIL litigation on behalf of the Deskovic Foundation for Justice.


Wrongful conviction litigation is a long up-hill battle.  It takes time, resources, and thousands of hours to litigate.  There is, however, no other cause more worthy of a lawyer’s attention than that of the plight of a wrongfully convicted person. The tremendous depth of experience, knowledge, and resources that our team offers is like no other.  From the moment we are retained, the state will know that you are being aggressively represented by a law firm committed to your exoneration and subsequent civil suit.  If you have been wrongfully convicted and we are on your case, our pursuit of justice on your behalf will be relentless.


Freedom of Information Law Litigation (FOIL/FOIA)

A free and open society is maintained when government is responsive and responsible to the public, and when the public is aware of governmental actions.  The New York State Legislature recognizes that government is the public’s business and that the public should have access to the records of government.  The Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) is a New York State law that gives the public the right to access government records.  The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) gives the public the right to access government records at the federal level.


FOIL/FOIA litigation, therefore, is of great importance, and must be done correctly.  The McBride Law Firm’s attorneys are experienced in drafting and submitting successful FOIL/FOIA requests.  We are also well versed in the appeals and Article 78 process.  We have successfully litigated these requests against the NYPD, and other government agencies, and are here to help hold the government accountable to the fullest extent possible.



Both the federal and state courts have avenues of appeal for civil and criminal cases.  Appeals generally happen in a civil or criminal case after trial, or dismissal of a case.  Sometimes state matters can be appealed in federal court.  And sometimes a matter cannot be appealed at all.


Our team of attorneys will carefully review the entire record of your case to determine if any grounds exist to justify an appeal in your case.  In preparing your appeal, our lawyers will vigorously research, analyze, brief, and argue your case in court.