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Committed to fighting for your success with relentless, highly personalized, legal representation.

Located in New York City, The McBride Law Firm provides highly personalized white glove legal services inside and outside of the courtroom. Our brand of representation is intelligent, forward thinking, and relentless. From the moment we are retained, opposing counsel, prosecutors, and/or any other adversary will know that a law firm committed to achieving success on your behalf is aggressively representing you.

Legal Services

Our firm's service philosophy is to understand our clients’ needs through partnership and craft tailor made solutions to meet those needs. Get in touch with us by using the contact button at the top of our page to find out if our legal services are right for you.

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"Aut inveniam viam aut faciam"

If you must go to trial, get an excellent trial lawyer. Some lawyers are obnoxious and total turnoffs to juries and judges. The jury hates their guts by the end of trial, and through them, their client's guts. Other attorneys are masters, but they are few in number. —Roy Cohn

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