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The McBride Law Firm provides strategic legal services inside and outside the courtroom. Our ability to protect, problem-solve, gather intelligence, forge alliances, manage risk, and litigate-is unmatched.

When you're represented by McBride Law, your adversaries will know that you're backed by a team of highly skilled legal operators who will stop at nothing in their ruthless pursuit of justice.

Since early 2023, The McBride Law Firm has been fighting to clear Andrew and Tristan Tate of the false human trafficking allegations against them. It recently filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit on behalf of the Tate Brothers. In addition to representing the Tate Brothers in their Florida-based defamation civil lawsuit—McBride spearheads their public relations strategy for American media.

The McBride Law Firm is proud to announce our representation of Joseph Bolanos - an innocent victim who was harmed by the FBI during a J6 raid. Joe did not enter the Capitol, nor was he violent. The VGI destroyed his life anyway. McBride Law is fighting to obtain justice for Joe Bolanos.

Our Firm has been America’s leading legal voice regarding the Department of Justice’s malicious prosecution and horrific treatment of January 6th Detainees, challenging cases when nobody else would dare look at them. All our January 6th clients have been released from pretrial detention due to Mr. McBride’s advocacy in DC District Court.


The McBride Law Firm leads a campaign on Capitol Hill to educate lawmakers regarding prisoners' rights, including banning prolonged solitary confinement in all US Prisons. The Firm has also represented multiple clients at congressional hearings, appeared on behalf of a U.S. House Select Committee hearing for January 6th victims, and maintains an extensive presence on Capitol Hill. 


The McBride Law Firm is at the cutting edge in recognizing the evolving media landscape, where the lines between law and media are blurring more than ever.  Today, in a case involving high-profile or celebrity clients, victory in the justice system often requires winning over the court of public opinion first.  The McBride Law Firm understands this principle better than anyone and has acted aggressively towards securing victory on both fronts.


Thank you for visiting the McBride Law Firm’s landing page. The Firm’s global presence is expanding, and so is our website. Please stay tuned for new announcements.

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